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The world first non-pyrotechnics cold spark machine



Sparkular is the latest innovation available for hire for indoor as well as outdoor pyrotechnic effects. It is a first cold spark fountain machine in the special effects industry which does not:-
1) require the use of explosive materials which the traditional pyrotechnic employs.
2) emit smoke nor smell which makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor setting.
The low noise emission is also an added bonus feature. The safety distance required by the local law regulation is also shorter than that required of the traditional pyrotechnic display, thus making it a good alternative choice for the venues with space constraints. 

Multiple sparkular machines can be linked and synchronised to the music for a stunning displays, hence making Sparkular a very popular special effect choice for weddings, concerts, staging, opening and launches events. 

IMPORTANT! Please take note that the use of the Sparkular for every event in Singapore requires permits from Singapore Police Force - Arms and Explosives (A&E). Permit applications can only be submitted by licensed pyrotechnic companies. It is unlawful to carry out any operation requiring the use of Sparkular without the permit.


Being the licensed pyrotechnic company in Singapore, our full-fledged Sparkular service includes:


1) Site Recce & Requirement gathering

2) Design and safety layout plan proposal

3) Permit application submission

4) Sequence programming

5) Site setup and standby operation

As the authorised Sparkular distributor in Singapore, we carry various designs of the Sparkular machines ranging from mini, fall, triple etc. Our machines are available for B2B rental.  

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