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the sky

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most creative, awe-inspiring fireworks shows available, customized to their specific event and budget. 

Firework Package

To kickstart your pyrotechnic project correctly, contact us for a free planning, consultation and a safety inspection of your location. You will also receive a free, no-obligation fireworks display quote. 

Once you have engaged us as your pyrotechnic provider, you will receive a fantastic firework entertainment package comprises of:

  • A dedicated team of pyrotechnicians specialists.

  • Consultancy and choreography for the entire pyrotechnics/firework display.

  • Application of neccessary permit and clearance from the relevant authorities

  • Provision of pyrotechnics items and loan of firing systems

  • Insurance coverage for third party liability and damage to property.

We are committed to serve our clients with the highest degree professionalism for every show, regardless of the magnitude of the event. We work within our client requirement, schedule and budget and we give our full service beginning from the concept and design to clean-up. We provide reasonable cost estimates promptly, concise proposal plan, dedicated staffs who take charge of site coordination, safety and permits. 

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