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Concert Pink Confetti


Add an explosion of COLOURS to your event with Confetti Cannons.  Perfect for a birthday, concert, launch, NYE party or any other special celebration. 


Electric Confetti Cannons (Single Shot)

Our confetti effects are fired from the single-shot electric cannon which is powered by a pressurised CO2 cartridge. Available in 50cm and 76cm, our cannons are prefilled with confetti/streamers. Our electric cannons launch confetti up to 12 meters and streamers up to 20 meters!


The cannons can be activated by power switch, remote control or in combination with a switch pack by DMX.


We use our confetti venturi machines to fill the stage and audience with a raining confetti effect. We can shower an event with continuous throws of confetti and streamers for up to 6 metres for a minute. We can shoot 2 to 5kg per machine in most cases. We can turn the unit on and off for spraying several times at an event.


Continuous flow confetti cannons is perfect for large events where you need to have maximum coverage and effect.

Confetti Venturi (Continuous Flow)


Confetti Dropper a.k.a UFO

The dropper provides us with a means of creating a subtle fall of confetti over a stage, studio or dance floor. The dropper is hanged on to the truss or ceiling and can release up to 3kg of confetti from the top, giving a coverage of 5ft area.


Ideal for concerts, theatre performances, dance parties, fashion shows, TV filming etc.

Handheld Confetti Cannons

Our Handheld Confetti Cannons are the easiest and cheapest way to shot confetti and streamers as professionals do, without the need for wiring or control heads, making them perfect for situations where you simply cannot mount a fixed confetti cannon or where there's no power supply and you have no choice other than to use a portable effect.


With a simple twist of the base, a mad flurry of confetti rectangles are shot, up to 10metres.  This is a convenient, and cost effective way, perfect for ‘self’ firing to achieve professional results on a budget! 


All our custom confetti cannons are filled to order and contain the best confetti available. Our standard confetti is rectangular which means it spins as it falls. We have variety of colours in stocks including metallic texture for the glittering effects. You can mix up to 3 colours to match your theme or opt for multicolours mix which is the most popular pick.

Colours palatte.png

Our bio-degradable confetti paper/streamer (matte only) are suitable for outdoor events and festivals, leaving as little impact on the environment as possible. Its non-staining property also mean that your event venue owner need not worry about confetti staining all over the place.





Our Service

Our trained technicians provide the on-site expertise needed to make sure your confetti or streamer effect is performed precisely to your vision. From the initial consultation to setup to teardown,  we offer a complete turn-key service and provide every element of the confetti or streamer special effect.

We also provide dry hire of the equipment for budget-conscious customers. Instructions and demo of use are provided upon the self collection of equipment. 

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